Saturday, April 30, 2011

So tempted ...

It is that time of year again, when our local Blue Seal feed shop gets in all manner of cute baby farm animals for sale. And every year, I buy someone. This year, I simply can't. I must not give in to temptation. BUT they are so cuuuuute!

From my iphone ...

Anyone out there getting some sweet babies for their farm this year?



Monday, April 25, 2011

2011 Annual Pet Portrait Contest!

Studio 36
170 Park Street
Suite 3
Bangor ME 04401
Phone (207) 299-2869

Press Release
Contact: Jodi Renshaw
Phone: (207) 299-2869

April 25, 2011

2011 Pet Portrait contest to benefit the Bangor Humane Society.
Bangor, ME, April 25, 2011: Studio 36, a photography studio in downtown Bangor, is pleased to announce their second annual Pet Portrait Contest to benefit the Bangor Humane Society. All pets are welcome to participate – from cats and dogs to iguanas and guinea pigs.

To enter the contest, pet owners should make an appointment to have their pet photographed by Studio 36. In lieu of a session fee, participants will be asked to give a donation to the Bangor Humane Society of any amount greater than $5. The pet owner may then choose which picture from their pet portrait session that they would like to enter in to the contest. All portrait sessions must take place before Monday, May 27th. Please call 299-2869 to make an appointment.

The winners will be chosen by public voting via an Internet link as well as a public viewing at the studio. All pet photos will be on display throughout Studio 36 - at 170 Park Street - for public viewing beginning Wednesday, June 22nd through Sunday, June 26th from 12pm – 5pm. Winner will be announced on Sunday, Sunday, June 26th on Each vote will cost the voter a .50 cent donation to the Bangor Humane Society. The pet photo with the most votes wins.

First prize is a portrait package from Studio 36 (to be used for people or pets) valued at $150, as well as a front window display dedicated to your pet for the month of July.

Second prize is a $75 Gift Card to Pet Quarters, 744 Stillwater Avenue in Bangor, ME.

Third prize is an original watercolor portrait of your pet by Tricia Kenny of Bangor, ME.

Last year’s contest was a huge success for the Bangor Humane Society. Over $2,000 was raised for the shelter. Studio 36 is hoping to exceed that amount this year.

Pet owners are able to purchase copies of their session photos from Studio 36, with a portion of the sales also going to the Bangor Humane Society. Thanks to all who choose to participate. / 207-299-2869

Picture attached:
Kimbo the Dog
Shaggy the Cat

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Simple Easter.

Muck boots & Smurfs.

As always (or at least usually), we keep our holidays simple. This Easter began with some fun gifts from the Easter Bunny, an egg hunt around the farm, and some delicious Grandma-made cake. The rest of the day was spent hanging out with farm animals, playing soccer, cleaning up the yard, napping, playing video games and reading. (I finished this book today and then began reading this one immediately after and am almost finished - love them both).

Here was our morning, in pictures ...

Sibling Love: With Chicken Stalker.

Sexy Rooster: King of the Hens.

Look Out!

Easter Soccer.

Woodland Fowl.

And done ...

It was a laid-back, but lovely holiday. I hope your holiday (however you choose to spend it) was wonderful and love-filled.

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Goat Herd: The Girls Are Out & About.

Hooray for Spring in Maine. Finally. It is now time for our girls to escape their barn a bit every day ... to enjoy the greens ... antagonize the chickens ... destroy some perennials ... and follow us all around the yard during our outings.

And here are last year's kids ... You and Sweetie Pie. My how they have grown! And so have their hooves. So, Meaghan and I spent the other morning cutting and filing their hooves down. Not our favorite chore. Or theirs. And sadly, there was some blood involved. Me (our Queen of the herd) is not easy to work with ... and I cut a bit too far by accident ... but all is well now. Well, except that she is WAY overweight ...

... as can be seen above. I am almost embarrassed by this. But my Dad thinks that loving the goats means giving them food every time they "bleat" (click here to hear a goat bleating). And so, I have to give my Dad some of the blame for my overweight goats. No matter how often I tell him to leave them be ... that I know how to care for them ... he doesn't listen ... and thinks I am starving them. Ugh. I think I may need to hide their food from him. But he would likely just buy them more.

But tis the season for less grain and more natural greens ... so here is hoping I can get their weight down a bit.

Sweetie Pie above. Named by Isaac. And totally lives up to her name. She is so very sweet. Except when she bites me for trimming her hooves. She was our replacement for the goat that died within 24 hours of coming to our farm. That sweet goat was named Mini-Me ... and was so very ill. She was Isaac's goat ... and he and I tried desperately to save her ... but she passed in our arms ... and he later picked this one out to replace her on the farm. This Sweetie Pie is all the more important to him because of the passing of Mini-Me. And she is doing very well.

You is above. And she may be my favorite. Such personality. Always hangs out right by my side. Always a bit comical. And never bites when I am trimming her hooves. Thank you, You.

We love our goats. They are way more work then we initially thought ... but their company is so worth it. We have yet to milk them ... or put them to "work" for the farm in any way ... but we do so enjoy them.

And who could possibly resist these faces ...

Or even THIS one. (Our dear Emily).

So there you have it - a quick update on our small goat herd. They made it through a looong winter ... and are so happy to be out and about in the spring mud. As are we :)




Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shop Local for Easter ...

... and if you are in the Bangor area ... shop at MY store ;)

But seriously ... there are so many wonderful goodies you can get and give to your loved ones that are healthier alternatives to some of the "big box" store offerings. Healthier for your wallet, for local economies, for the planet, for small family business, etc. So please - no matter where you are - please check out your local handmade shops.

AND if you are in Bangor (or willing to have me mail you something elsewhere) ... please check out the goodies we currently have in the shop.

Here is just a sampling of the goodness that you (or the Easter Bunny) could be popping into those Easter baskets :

Did you see those Star Wars finger puppets!!?? To die for!

And there is OH SO MUCH more! Photography, Paintings, Sculpture, Jewelry .... new items arriving almost daily.

170 Park Street, Bangor, Maine.



~ Jodi

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting My Gypsy On.

I don't know how I lived without Ao for so long. She is an extraordinary woman ... who makes me feel that all my quirky and seemingly strange interests are actually wonderful and worthy of fully participating in.

She, like me, has a thing for pirates, zombies, the ocean, cephalopods, dancing when the mood strikes her, flashy make-up, gypsies, art in all of its forms, and basically putting herself "out there". She lives HERSELF. She is the me that I long to be.

Recently, she has joined us at Studio 36 as our "in-house" make-up artist. And we couldn't be happier about it. She offers make-up, hair and outfitting for our clients. But that's far from all she does. She leads a fantastic belly dance troupe ... she threads ... she weaves magical goodness into hair ... and she is a great photographer. (There is more, but you likely wouldn't believe me!).

So, since she has joined us, I have been UN-patiently waiting for my first appointment with her ... to transform me into some part of my inner self ... giving her full control to do as she wished .... and it looked a little something like this ...

(Thank you Bex Hickman for documenting the progress!)

And here are some of the results ...

I couldn't be happier with them. (Though there are more to show later). I see ME in these photos. An aspect of me. And I want to see more. So, I plan on many, many appointments with Ao. She amazes me.

As for the last picture, I knew that I wanted a tearful Gypsy look ... so I asked her to help create one. Little did she know that my Pepere (a hero of my life) once gave me a large framed piece of art - of a gypsy woman ... looking off ... and crying. I always wondered what she was crying about. And in order to create that somber look, I remembered that anonymous gypsy woman ... then my Pepere who shared her with me ... and thus, my sadness was real (I miss him so much) ... and well captured.

Thank you Miss Ao. Glad to have you on-board ... and glad to have your inspiration all around me.

Please drop in to see her work! Or contact her for an appointment ... (207)370-8701.



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Downtown Bangor is all About the Kids! Join us.

This Handmade Life will be offering free papercraft classes for kiddos ages 8 and up ... while Studio 36 will be offering free portaits for kiddos of every age. Drop in at 170 Park Street (up "The Hill"), Bangor, ME on May 7th from 11-5.

Looking forward to seeing you there!