Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank you, Thank you.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have helped Meaghan to reach her goal. In truth, it was a goal for all of us ... not just Meg ... as we would not go without her! I am happy to say that through some continued hard work on Meg's part ... and some special donations by some amazing people ... we are on our way to Florida this weekend.

A special thanks to Kelly O, Pam H, Alisha W, Jane S, Sharon F, Darylyne P, Sandra H, Kristina F, and Brooke FW. And of course to Robin K for her generous offer - that in the end was not necessary BUT most appreciated.

Thank you ALL for the prayers and encouragements regarding Meaghan. She is doing so well and we are so very very blessed to share our lives with her. I cannot wait to see her smile at the magic and wonder of Disney World next week. It has been a trying year for all of us ... and this will be a much appreciated break for all of us. I will be sure to post pictures asap.

Love & Peace to all ...

Jodi & Family

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Five Years Ago ...

My good friend just reminded me that five years ago THIS weekend, Halis and I met our son for the first time. Perhaps that is why I have been so emotional about him and Haiti recently. My heart remembered what my mind did not.

WE LOVE YOU SO BIG, Mr. Isaac Watson. Since before you were born.
Mommy & Daddy

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Almost There ... maybe.

Well, here it is ... just 2 weeks before we may leave for Disney World ... and we have fallen short of our goal to earn/raise enough money to get there. The tickets were bought quite a while ago and are non-refundable ... and the entire trip was planned before we took Meaghan in (an expense we did not plan for but we are infinitely HAPPY to endure). We have all worked very hard to try to meet this goal. The kids sold many of their fave toys (including their beloved Wii) ... they have collected bottles & cans for deposit money ... Meaghan has worked at the studio whenever possible ... I have taken in extra clients ... Halis has squirreled away money when he could (despite losing his truck in a fire) ... and we have held three yard sales (third one is this Saturday) ... but somehow we are still short. Life just keeps getting in the way of our best laid plans ... and this economy royally sucks.

So, our sweet, sweet Meaghan nearly broke my heart when she told me that she no longer wanted to go ... as I knew she was lying. She said that she much rather see Isaac go, and therefore would gladly stay home in order to not let Isaac down. Seriously. She said that. She said she would stay with friends ... and not to worry about her ... because she knew we planned this before she came to live with us. It was both beautiful and heartbreaking. And it left me feeling like I had let her down. I mean, there are children who are in need of much more than my kids are ... but Meaghan has had such a hard year. I mean a really hard year. She has spent the last year living in 3 different dysfunctional homes before finally ending up in her forever home here with us. She has endured countless pains from a neglectful family ... and has done so well in overcoming some serious issues that have threatened her very soul. I am so very proud of her.

Recently she has started working as a volunteer at the Bangor Humane Society. And I mean working. She puts in 8-10 hour days cleaning kennels, bottle feeding kittens, walking dogs, and helping in all ways possible. And they love her there. She is so responsible and kind. It is perfect for her. One of the coordinators there told me that she brings such joy to the place and that the employees there were "beaming with pride" over her. That's my girl!

So look ... I KNOW that there are greater issues in the world than sending this kid to Disney World. Even though I truly believe she needs a week of magic in this year of chaos ... I recognize that some kids don't even have food. So, it is with a humble heart that I ask anyone who feels compelled to assist Meaghan in achieving her week of magical Disney bliss to donate what you can to her. I have created a link on the sidebar of this blog in order to raise some funds for her. This is not something she asked me to do - it is one of my last ditch efforts to get her to her goal. We still plan on busting our butts to come up with the money on our own ... but short of not paying rent or utilities, I don't think it can happen without a bit of help.

Again, this is not a dire need for a life in jeopardy ... to be sure. Thus we understand if people have more pressing issues to donate their hard earned money to. We just figure we will give it a shot. You never know what magic can happen unless you open the door to it.

If you are willing to offer something up for Meaghan ... and she/we are still not able to meet our goal ... we will donate all funds to the Bangor Humane Society. Also - I am sure that she will send a heartfelt letter of thanks ... along with a picture of her favorite part of the trip to any and all donors. And no doubt she will continue to work hard for all the animals at the shelter ... because she is awesome :)

Thank you all for sharing & caring.

Much Love,
Jodi & Family

Friday, August 13, 2010

2011 Bangor Humane Society Calendars are Ready to Order!

I am so very excited to help put together the 2011 Bangor Humane Society Calendar as a fundraiser for this amazing shelter ... where awesome pets are paired with equally awesome people by a team of dedicated, animal-loving heroes. Such a good cause ... and truly such a gorgeous calendar.

Many of you have asked how to get your copy. (Thank you!) Here is your chance.

You can download the following file in order to place your order via mail:

2011 Bangor Humane Society Fundraising Calendars

Or you can use Paypal:


Thank you so very much for your support of the Bangor Humane Society & all its waiting animals.

Jodi & Friends

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ready Made Journal SALE!

Time for a back-to-school sale! I know, I know, there are still a few weeks left before school starts ... (at least here in Maine) ... but NOW is the time to get in on the sales ... and our shop is hosting a good one.

Here is the deal: Buy 2 of our recycled, vintage, upcycled, READY MADE journals for just $20. A savings of $4. Full price for journals must be made at time of purchase, then I will reimburse you the $4 savings through Paypal. Please be sure that "READY MADE" is in the title of the listing in order to get the sale pricing.

There are some really fun journals available right now. All contain the original stories of the recycled journal as well as 100+ pages of recycled paper. SO MANY USES!

Thank you & ENJOY!
~ Jodi

Monday, August 2, 2010

RIP to RJ: the best Mom a chick could have.

This morning, my husband ran into the house to ask me why there were feathers all over the yard --- and had I seen the Mama hen. (Instant pit in my stomach). I followed him outside to find that our best Mama hen --- the one who adopted the chicks that all the other hens left behind --- the one who fights off all potential predators to her babes including the harmless farm dog --- the best Mom a chick could have --- well, she was taken. And very much dead. No doubt. And oh so sad.

She left behind 7 chicks --- all of whom were running around the yard today --- a bit unsure of what they were supposed to do now. By the end of the day, they had all worked out a routine --p based on everything they had learned from Mom. They went to all the eating spots that Mom had shown them. They rolled in the dirt where Mom had brought them daily. They hid out in secure spots around the yard where Mom had taught them to hide. I think they will be fine. But I am very sorry to have lost RJ. She was the very first chick that had hatched on my very first farm. She was an accidental --- but most welcome --- birth. She was an egg that I had left behind in the coop (from my daily egg rounds) --- having no idea that a hen was in the process of hatching her out until the day I saw little RJ running around with her Mom and Dad in the yard. She got her name from her Rooster Daddy, whose name was Roosty Roo. And since she was his only offspring, we named her Roosty Jr = RJ.

RJ will be missed. And please believe, we have made every attempt tonight to secure the hen house to thwart whatever predator took our girl! For sure it will be back --- and sadly, we may have to end it's life in order to secure the lives of our flock. Such is life on a farm. But life does go on --- as her 7 chicks will continue to frolic and grow. I will be sure to post pics soon.