Monday, June 30, 2008

Annual Strawberry Picking.

Call me crazy, but I have started a free summer day camp in my home for the kids in my life. It's not like I don't have enough to do this summer (namely, sell my old house) ... but in truth, I am so looking forward to having these little balls of energy, laughter and curiosity share some exciting summer projects, crafts and outings with Isaac and me. And "Jodi Camp" (as my niece calls it) starts tomorrow.

In preparation for the big "opening day", Isaac, Daddy and I went strawberry picking --- because my first camp day will focus on strawberries and all their wonderful uses. We will cook with them, make juice with them and even create a strawberry paint concoction for painting some gorgeous artwork :)

In Maine, strawberry picking is an annual ritual for most families, and that is true for us as well. After fiddleheads, strawberries are the first crop of summer. That is a big deal in a state where our growing season is so limited. Mainers seem to relish every single rite of each season ... hoping to savor every moment ... as everything is so temporary ... so fleeting. I don't remember that kind of living when we grew up in Southern NH. I think we took more for granted when we lived life "in the fast lane". Here, we have learned to appreciate every nuance of the seasons ... participating in them as fully as possible. I am so thankful for that kind of living ... participating in the seasonal rituals that celebrate our connections to the earth ... and to each other.

So, in a nutshell, we picked strawberries ... it felt good ... tasted great ... and tomorrow we will savor them in every possible way. Stay tuned for the results :)



Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wabanaki Confederacy.

This past weekend, Isaac and I were privileged to attend the Wabanaki Confederacy Pow-Wow on Indian Island in Old Town, Maine. It was hosted by the Penobscot Nation, of which my extended family is a part (Meaghan, Missy, Sydney, etc.).

Words cannot adequately describe the beauty and power of this sacred, timeless gathering. I was honored to take part in it ... and thankful that my son has both embraced and been embraced by this community.

Because pictures can sometimes tell a better story than words ... I will let this photostream do the talking for me. I hope that my photos convey joy, pride and respect. Enjoy.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Beach Days Are Here Again.

Hopefully, there are many beach days in our future. I wish some for you all as well :)

Have a great weekend,

P.S. Photos taken in Lincolnville, Maine. One of our fave spots.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dancing Matt - 2008.

I cry ever time I watch these videos. Thanks Matt - for showing us how easy it is to bring the world together.

For those who are unfamiliar with Matt's "work", please see his site

I'd give just about anything to have his job :)


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Those Olden Goldies ...

... or Golden Oldies ... (whichever pun you prefer :)
I just love turning these well-loved Golden Books into fun "kitchy" journals. I got the idea from my awesome cousin Nicole (who is still in Kaz - trying to bring her baby home) ... and I just can't seem to stop making them. (See here for some finished examples). I am forever searching out these sweet little treasures at every thrift store and yard sale that I can find. I now have hundreds. Literally. And I will still buy more - I can assure you. Me thinks it has become an obsession. They are just so darn sweet. And there are so many different titles to search out. It is the ultimate treasure hunt for those who are tickled by vintage children's lit. And my holy grail is "Volksy - The Little Yellow Car" (circulated by Elf Rand McNally in the 60's). Sure, I can find it on Ebay ... but what is the fun in that?

Anyway, I am thinking that perhaps it is time to start taking requests on my upcycled Golden Book journals. This way, I can concentrate on making journals out of the books that folks want. I will soon be updating my Etsy store with special request listings.

Here is just a small sample of the books available:

I am willing to bet that you have read at least one of these titles in your youth ... or perhaps you read them to your own children. Either way, I hope they conjure up some sweet memories for you. They certainly do for me. I fondly remember my book reading nook in the hallway of my childhood home ... and the seemingly endless opportunities to delve into new worlds with the turn of every page. Ahhhh ... good stuff.

Now I find endless uses for the blank books that I make with these thrifted Goldens. I have one for my purse - to jot down thoughts and to-do lists. I have one that I keep on my desk for organizing the schedules of all the area children's museums and amusements. I have one for my craft area with drawings of all my sewing ideas. And I keep others for use as personal writing journals. I also plan to use others as address books, scrapbooks, etc. And I am sure that everyone on my Christmas list will be getting one too :)

So, yes, I am a little obsessed with my latest craft ... perhaps because they incorporate so much of what I love ... children's literature, vintage goodies, handmade crafting, and recycling. Not a bad combo.

Let me know if you would like some too ;)



Monday, June 23, 2008

We Are Back ...

And it feels so good!

Thank you for your patience ... we finally have internet (did you hear me scream in delight?). And WOW, I cannot believe how lost I have felt without it for the past month. I felt so disconnected in so many ways. But now ... I am ready to jump back into the blogging world that I have missed so much. I look forward to reading up on all my fave blogs ... as well as to share the goodness of our new life in the "city". And life is SO good here. Really. Isaac is so incredibly happy to be surrounded by friends and family. Halis and I too.

One friend that Isaac is so particularly happy to see more of now is his cousin Sydney. He is so very smitten with her ... as can be seen by these photos...

playing dress up

playing with bubbles

They are so good together :)

So, thanks for holding in there ... and for encouraging my return to blogging. I am so glad to be back and look forward to some conversations with all of you.

Enjoy the day!



Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wonderful News!

I received some of the greatest news of my life this week ... my Cousin is currently in Khazachstan and has finally been united (through adoption) with her first child ... an 8-month old baby girl. We are all so ELATED for her and her husband ... and for their baby girl ... who is sure to have a most wonderful life with her amazing parents.

I believe that once you have adopted a child of your own, after undertaking the immense task of bringing that child to your family, you have a unique joy in watching other families come together in the same way. I love every baby that joins our extended family ... I just have a very unique understanding of all that this family has gone through to bring their baby home ... and I screamed in total elation when I saw that they were finally all together. I remember well those feelings I experienced upon meeting and then finally bringing my son home. To see the joy and the relief in my cousin's face - (in the above photo) - just sends shivers down my spine.

Please join me in sending every blessing to this new and wonderful family. (I would share their names with you - but they wish their identities to remain private).

As for us ... Slowly, but surely, life is beginning to come together for our family. Finally, my husband will be able to move in to our new home with us - this coming Monday (which is still much too far away for my taste). He has been holding down the old homestead as we ready it for sale. And it won't be much longer before we get the internet hooked up. Apparently - though we are now in the city - we had more internet options out in the boonies than we do in our new home. Our new house sits too far from the road (something we love - but the phone company doesn't). Hopefully soon I will be able to a better blog host than I have been this past month.

Thank you all for visiting ... and I wish you every happiness this weekend :)