Saturday, June 25, 2011

Every Teardrop is A Waterfall.

So ... I took a little cat nap in the camper this evening ... with the radio on ... to a station I never listen to ... and I came out of my sleep to hear the most wonderful song ...

... I immediately rose to my feet ... began to dance around the camper ... tears flowing ... arms wrapped around my shoulders in a self embrace ... loving every second of the energy I felt from these words, this music ... and had to share it with you.

Every day is a new day of self-discovery. With this song as my new mantra ... I am on a new path ... an awakening.

This song did not create this new path for me ... but it's timing was total perfection.

Thank you Universe.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ink the Faith Gallery Show: Art Unleashed!

Studio 36 was the most happening place to be in Bangor, Maine on May 21st, 2011 (or perhaps in all of Maine? all of the US? in all of the Universe!?). That evenings Ink the Faith exhibition was not your average art show!

For starters, the exhibit featured the beyond amazing original art pieces by area artist Rebecca Hickman (aka Bex) ...

Her intricately detailed ... spiritually significant ... ink and paper illustrations are absolutely stunning. To see the work up close is such a visual treat ... and then to hear the significance of the abundant symbolism in her work is nearly mind-blowing.

Bex's Art Show: 7.

Wait ... WHAT!? You weren't there!? Well ... please do yourself a favor and visit her website to see most of her work. And if you are in the Bangor area, drop by This Handmade Life to view and perhaps purchase one of her original pieces (some priced ridiculously low) and/or a limited edition print.

Ok ... so if you weren't there ... Bex's art isn't all you missed! But I will fill you in ...

First, you missed the scrumptious cupcake delights of Miss Kathy Flagg ... a local baker who is taking her hobby to a whole new level of yummy goodness ...

Bex's Art Show: 3.

She designed her cupcakes to match the ink drawings of the fabulous Miss Bex. And the flavors? She matches those to the events as well. She is A-Mazing! Want to try some of her goodies? Well, then you have yet another reason to drop by This Handmade Life ... as she sells some of her edible delights right in the shop ... and hopes to expand the offerings soon.

Oh ---- and you may (or may not) have totally missed some of the most amazing performance art EVER. No really --- EVER. Many people who attended the event raved that it was some of the most fun they have ever had. Seriously. EVER.

Bex's Art Show: 1.

And of course the performance art was raved about! It included the object manipulation trio: Aether Arts ... as well as the belly dance troupe: Paradigm East ... all made-up and outfitted by the phenomenal Ao Arts. (Please do yourself the favor of clicking on all their links - now). Separately, these folks do some amazing work ... together they rock the world ... and must be seen to be believed!

Bex's Art Show: 13: Black & White.

And when you throw Rebecca (Bex) Hickman in the mix ... well ... then you have yourself a powerful evening of art immersion.

Bex's Art Show: 15.

So, as you may be able to imagine, the show was amazing ... fun ... interesting ... visually delightful ... yummy ... etc ... etc...

And if you missed it - we are truly sorry ... but do not despair ... there will be loads of opportunities for more of these sorts of events at Studio 36! And we will continue to post about the events of Rebecca Hickman, Kupcake Kuties, Aether Arts, Paradigm East, and Ao Arts. They have all become part of the Studio 36 family ... and we are so excited to see what all of them (collectively and individually) will be up to in Bangor and around the world.

Stay tuned.

And to those who joined us for the Ink the Faith exhibition ... you KNOW how amazing it was ... and thanks for joining us. See you again soon :)

Jodi & the Studio 36 Crew

PS. Special Thanks goes out to ... School Street Framing (where all the cool kids get framed) ... Eric Robbins and his mead making skills ... and the lovely women of Women With Wings!