Friday, February 24, 2012

Isaac's Drawing.

Isaac asked me yesterday what I did for work before he was born. My response was that I had several jobs during my young adult life ... so did he want to know them all? He told me to pick the one I had when Daddy and I first starting dating...

Well, the truth is that when Halis and I first started dating ... at the age of 15 ... I worked this crappy, crappy job at a stateline liquor store (which apparently is now a smoke shop). Working there under the age of 18 would be totally illegal now. Maybe even under 21, I don't know. And maybe it was even illegal then, but the guy who managed the place was my Dad's friend and that is how I got the job. Basically, I sold lots and lots of beer. And though I have no problem with beer, I felt a little weird telling my 6-year old that when I was still a kid, I was selling liquor. (Not to mention that I walked to and from the store ... a couple miles each way ... in the dark ... alone ... through a sketchy part of town). But anyway ... I saw that Isaac had a pen in hand as he was asking me this question, so assuming my answer might turn into some artwork ... I lied.

I told Isaac about one of the next jobs I had ... one that I am very proud of ... I worked as a Nanny for the Trippier family from the time I was 18 to about 21 (when I left to get married and move to Maine). He liked that answer. He smiled. And then he went to ask Daddy the same question.

About 20 minutes later, my boy comes to me with this drawing:

I thought I knew what was going on in this drawing, but never wanting to assume ... I asked him to explain. He told me that Daddy used to work at a sub shop when he started dating me (totally true) and that on the upper left hand corner is a picture of Daddy serving a sandwhich to a customer. He then explained that I am on the left of the drawing, serving green soda to one of the kids that I took care of. I smiled ... (glad that he didn't show a picture of me serving beer ... but humored by the thought that the picture would probably look exactly the same either way).

I then looked at the baby-in-the-belly picture, and asked if this was a picture of him. He said yes ... that the entire picture was showing what everyone was doing while he (Isaac) was waiting to be born inside of his birthmom, Marjorie. I then noticed that Marjorie was smiling in the picture, but that Daddy and I were frowning. When I asked him about this, he explained that we were unhappy because our baby wasn't born yet ... and that we were waiting for him ... but that Marjorie was smiling because she knew he was going to be born soon.

Awesome. Truly awesome.

And it is in these sorts of random drawings that I learn more and more about what my boy is thinking ... and how he views the world.

Enjoy your world today ... especially your kiddos.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday is Daddy & Isaac Day.

I work on Sundays. And while I am about to type a little something about Isaac and his Daddy and what they do on their Sundays ... let me first say that I work at a lovely place ... Metropolitan Soul in downtown Bangor. Recently, I posted the following to my Facebook wall ...

"So thankful that whenever I work at Metropolitan Soul ... The owner, Tracy, actually thanks me for my time spent there. How many people can say that they are thanked every time they work? That is how awesome it is to work for a small business ... and how awesome it is to work for/with Tracy ;)"

Although I love spending time with my family above all else, I truly enjoy working a few hours here and there at Met Soul. The customers are so wonderful and generous. Tracy and my co-workers are great people to be around. And it feels good to sell things I believe in (local art among my faves).

So ... I work on Sundays. And Halis does not. And for the past couple of months now, Sundays have become the father/son day of our week. And this is soooo good for all involved. As a homeschooled kiddo, Isaac spends much of his time with me. And frankly, I need a break from me sometimes, so I imagine he does as well. Heck, every boy needs some regular alone time with their Daddy ... and though we just didn't think to create this kind of arrangement, it sort-of created itself.

Their Sunday ritual is simple and sweet: Wake up late. Each take their showers & ready themselves. Go to lunch. Go to the Brewer Rec center to play basketball for an hour or so. Run an errand. Come home. Chill. Or maybe play light sabers.

And what I love best about these days they share together, is that they always seem to take some iPhone pics to send to me so that I see what they are up to. How sweet is that!? (These pics here are from yesterday's outing - sent to me online in real time).

I am so thankful for this time they have. Again, very very simple. But I am absolutely sure that Isaac will be so grateful for it and better for it as he gets older. Kids need to have the focus placed solely on them sometimes --- something I personally never got as a child --- and thus see so much value in. I may not always work Sundays ... but I hope that we will continue this Sunday ritual ... perhaps forever. I can imagine that Isaac and Halis may one day have Sunday breakfasts together, or rounds of golf, or football games, etc.

Now - Mondays are MY favorite day. That is the day that neither Halis or I work ... and so has become FAMILY DAY. My favorite day of the week :) And though I would love to see this trend continue forever as well, I imagine that one day Isaac will be having a family day of this own ... so, I am going to thoroughly enjoy these days right now ... while he is all ours.

Enjoy your days, my friends.