Thursday, July 24, 2008

Making Giraffes & Chickens.

I am way overtired tonight to "say" anything, so I thought I would just do a little "show and tell" (without the tell) ... Enjoy.



Perla said...

these little video snippets are my favorite thing because i feel like i get to be there with you for a minute. i love that he suddenly says, "i made a chicken!" and then calling for dad to come see his giraffe.
i also love your new photo at the top. beautiful!

Sarah and Tim said...

A lefty, How cute! How old is he? And yes, the photo up above is so cute. Who is the girl in it?

Jodi Renshaw said...

Thank you friends :) The little girl in the blog title photo is my cousin Angie's second daughter, Lauren. She is GORGEOUS!

And Isaac is now 3 years and 4 months. And he is gorgeous too ;)