Friday, June 26, 2009

Insightful Compassion.

Imagine if we all had a friend like Deepak Chopra. An incredible man. A compassionate, unsettling, but insightful look into his friend Michael Jackson's life. Thank you for your candidness Deepak ... you teach us all just by being your authentic self.

~ Jodi

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SuzRas said...

I hadn't seen this. Thank you so much for posting it here. It is great to see this compassionate but honest description of Michael Jackson and to openly describe the cause and effect of his childhood experiences. I'll always remember him as the sweet boy who I always wished I had known when we both were young. He seemed misunderstood even then and one who had a strong desire for real friends who didn't care who he was or what he had. I have smiled a number of times remembering the crush I had on him from the time I was 6 and through my teenage years. May he rest in peace.