Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There is so much I want to say about GABE .... his amazing family .... his incredible personality ... his appreciation for life, love, and friends ... his debilitating bike accident ... his painstaking but valiant physical recovery efforts ... and the support that so many people have shown for him because he is one of those incredibly special people who really touches the lives of others. I want to talk about all of this. But, I don't feel qualified. So, instead, I will send you to his website: http://www.getbettergabe.com/ where you can hear from his parents, girlfriend, and friends regarding his recovery in California ... and the efforts that are being made to raise money to bring him home to Maine.

And I invite you to this rockin' celebration FOR and ABOUT Gabe:

For the collosal list of door prizes and raffle winnings, you have got to check this out! Now that is some serious Gabe love going on.

Halis and I will be there. Hoping to see some of you too. No need to be a friend of Gabe's already ... but no doubt you will be in the future after meeting those who love him. That is how I have come to love Gabe myself :)



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