Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Garden Buddy.

So, here is our new garden buddy ... discovered by Isaac ... and 'man-handled' by me whenever I get the chance ...

Even though I do get a bit jumpy when I watch a snake slither though the grass (is that a natural human instinct?) ... I still love the thrill of the chase ... and the feel of their skin once I grab him/her. Garden snakes are just so totally interesting (they move with lightning speed and can open their small little mouths to take in an entire frog - whole). And this one is pretty predictable ... always sunning him/herself on the rocks by the birch trees ... letting me get close ... flicking his/her tongue to "smell" me ... and fleeing down into the rock bed once we lose eye contact.

I love that Isaac and I periodically visit "our snake" while outdoors. I love that he is learning respect for all animals (I've only chased the little guy once, I swear). And I love that there is such a diversity of wild creatures here on our little farm.

So, any new friends your way?



Woodspritemama said...

Awesome! Too cool that he is in the same area often too ;) we love those critters here as well ~ xo

Missy said...

he's beautiful!!!