Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chicky See, Chicky Do.

Yes, the little chicky made it through the door ... following after Mom on Day 2 of life. Those little wings somehow got him/her over the wooden obstacle. So cool, really. They walk within about 2 hours of hatching ... and immediately start mimicking Mom. I just love to watch them. They are fast as lightning ... and cute as can possibly be.

More pics to come, I am certain.


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kim @ mommyknows said...

Great photos!

Babies of any kind are adorable aren't they?

I once had a baby duck imprint to me on my grandparents farm. It followed me around for a couple of days doing whatever I did. If I jumped it jumped, if I flapped my arms it flapped it's arms, if I shook my head it shook it's head. It was so much fun.

Then a big ole dog came along and chased it off. I never saw it again. He may have been lunch.