Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ready Made Journal SALE!

Time for a back-to-school sale! I know, I know, there are still a few weeks left before school starts ... (at least here in Maine) ... but NOW is the time to get in on the sales ... and our shop is hosting a good one.

Here is the deal: Buy 2 of our recycled, vintage, upcycled, READY MADE journals for just $20. A savings of $4. Full price for journals must be made at time of purchase, then I will reimburse you the $4 savings through Paypal. Please be sure that "READY MADE" is in the title of the listing in order to get the sale pricing.

There are some really fun journals available right now. All contain the original stories of the recycled journal as well as 100+ pages of recycled paper. SO MANY USES!

Thank you & ENJOY!
~ Jodi

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love your journals!
Do you have a Peter Pan journal? I thought I saw one in your shop, but now I can't find it!