Thursday, December 30, 2010

Star Wars, Legos, and Miss Lyra.

Isaac hates Star Wars. So he says. And only because Mama loves it. I have now learned that I should not tell my kid what Mama loves --- as he will only "hate" it in order to be different from me. He "hates" Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings --- and all the other things Mama enjoys --- except that he really doesn't hate them at all.

Anyway, he professed complete hatred for Star Wars UNTIL he got the Star Wars Lego game for the Wii (best game ever as far as I am concerned). Now he says that he still does not love Star Wars --- BUT he DOES love Star Wars Legos (the ones that Mama has been collecting for the moment he turned to my side of things :).

And so he has been making scenes with his Legos ... (notice the carnage in the background)...

... and because only The Hulk can destroy Darth Vader (that is Isaac's story and he is sticking to it) ... he creates scenes such as this ...

But what he did not expect is that our kitty, Miss Lyra (named after the Hulk's daughter I might add) --- can destroy them all --- and ENJOYS it!

Lyra --- Daughter of the Hulk, Queen of our Home, Destroyer of Evil, and the bestest, rottenest kitty I have ever known :)



May the Force Be With You - Always.

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John at MHT Parking said...

Lego, it reminds me a lot back when I was still a kid. Some good old memories there! And look at kitty, she just loves the camera.. and I love the way you described her. haha