Friday, September 16, 2011

Harbor Seals at Boston Aquarium.

The Harbor Seal outdoor exhibit at the New England Aquarium is one of the classic Boston "freebies" ... and has been around since I was a toddler. It is a must for anyone visiting the area ... (well, the whole aquarium is really) ... and Halis and I were excited to be able to share it with Isaac ... just as our parents shared it with us so many years ago. And believe me, it hasn't changed at all ... (except maybe the seals). With all the wonderful changes and additions to the aquarium, we were happy to find that some exhibits there have proven timeless ...

... and watching Isaac enjoy the seals ... in the same ways that we did at his age ... was priceless ...

Look at that laugh (can't you hear it?). Love it!

I hope you enjoy a wonderful belly laugh today too :)



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OneWomanStudio said...

I can't believe it! My sister and I were there that same day! And we both thought the harbor seals were the best part of the whole day too! We grew up just outside of Boston and I can tell you that the Aquarium has not changed in 40 years!