Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Here We Go Again ...

First Day of 3rd Grade. Homeschool style.

 This means we made it through 2nd Grade (so says the lovely lady who approved our 2nd Grade portfolio and passed us on to Grade 3). Which means, apparently, that I know how to teach up to 2nd Grade. This makes me feel semi-proud. Yeah, I taught my kid how to read, write and perform mathematic calculations. But now comes American History, memorization of the states, Presidential biographies, long division, essay writing, scientific experiments, and other more serious business. Am I up to the task? Will another chaotic event take me away from my teaching so that Isaac and I are finishing up "school" well into August? Good Lord, let's hope not. But even through the chaos of the last year, we did it. Isaac and I rock as a team, and here is to another year of working it through together ...

And Karate ... yes, Karate ... the one class my son looks forward to above all else.

We got this buddy. 3rd Grade will rock. One day down. 179 to go.

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BionicHero said...

Of course you got it! Love! xo