Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Laid Back Tuesday.

Tuesday has recently become my "stay-at-home-and-get-things-done" day. Though I did get a few chores started, I am pretty sure that the only thing I actually completed was cooking supper and making banana nut bread. I always start out my Tuesdays with the best of intentions. However, I think my flaw today was that I just didn't make a list. Perhaps I should start blogging my lists so that I am held accountable to them!

The weather was gorgeous here today (for a Maine winter day). Lots of snow melt. So Isaac and I spent some time outside with the chickens. We even brought them an applesauce/raisins/pickles goulash. Yum.

And when Isaac had enough of the great outdoors ... (he fell in the mud at least 3 times) ... he asked to go inside to watch "Nemo". Here he is ... with muddy pants removed ... enjoying a peanut butter sandwhich while watching his movie just before nap time:

And here are those yummy banana breads that I actually finished baking! One chore down .... several hundred to go!

Aren't they mouth watering? I make Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Bread at least every other week. It is a staple in this house. Isaac would eat it until he burst, so we have to be careful to hide it after he has had enough. I thought that I might post my recipe here ... but then I realized that I have become the Banana Bread queen in my family and network of friends, so I think that I will keep my recipe secret in order to maintain my title. Sorry. But I will share my African Chicken Stew recipe in a future post. It is another favorite.

Well, here is hoping that I get something done on "clean-my-house" Thursday :)


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