Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pirates & Beads.

I craft what I love. I love pirates and earrings. I love other things too but will get to those later :)

Here are some examples of what I have been busy creating. They will be available for sale on Etsy as soon as I get an account created.

I have started a new "line" of kids clothing that I have been calling, The Recycled Pirate. I purchase high quality used kids clothing at thrift stores. After washing them, I applique pirate symbols onto them ... and they instantly go from drab to totally cool! I have also made a bunch of them with appliqued peace symbols using hand-dyed batik cotton. Those are gorgeous. I will be sure to post them soon as well.

Thanks for looking. Comments and feedback are most welcome.

Also, Isaac and I had a wonderful, fun-filled Wednesday. I blogged about it on his site Click on his picture below to see photos of his dance class & his date with Rose.



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Wende said...

Oh my goodness... I'm loving those sculls and crossbones. :D Isaac is so darn cute. That age is such a joy to parent.

Thanks for the link in your blogroll and your lovely comment on my site.