Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Strawberry Season!

Yum, yum, yum. Strawberry season is open in Maine and the pickin' is good. We went to opening day at the Adam's Strawberry Acres in Corinth. And let me tell you, it pays to pick on the first day of the season. We picked the most delicious and juicy berries that you could ever imagine. Halis ate so many of them while he picked, that he wondered if the farmer would charge him extra based on how red his tongue was.

Isaac was fairly unimpressed by the berries, and preferred to play in the weeds instead. That is my boy though. Wherever we go, he is playing with rocks, plants, and dirt. And that makes him quite happy.

We were able to pick 20 pints before Isaac decided he was ready to leave. And that is more than enough to make all sorts of delicious treats. Though we still have about 10 pints in the fridge, we have already made some canned jam and surprisingly delicious strawberry bread.

Over the weekend, Halis and I were talking about how good it feels to grow, pick, can, and freeze enough fresh, local food to feed our family for the year. Though I will certainly spare you any photos, we also spent the weekend culling and processing our meat chickens. We now have 40 chickens in the freezer ... and it just feels so good to know that we are providing healthy foods for Isaac and ourselves.

There are many more seasons and opportunities to collect food in Maine and we plan to participate in every one of them: blueberry picking, raspberry picking, fishing, deer hunting, pick-your-own corn, turkey hunting, etc... Should be a busy year :)



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Rob and Mandy Brelsford said...

Oh lovely shots of the strawberries...so much fun to go pick them yourself!

Thank-you for posting on Haiti (safety-wise). I guess I have no idea what to expect. Some parents don't even discuss fear in their blogs at all - other's seem really nervous from the point where they get off the plane and they are crowded with people asking to carry their bags.