Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MUD ... the Joy of Spring.

Mud IS good. (click for some serious mudding!)

We are still without internet on our new homestead, but I suppose that gives us more time to enjoy the great outdoors rather than the great Wide Web (But oh, how I miss the web). I have so appreciated your recent comments and e-mails ... and I hope that you will continue to check back here even though my responses and posts have been few and far between ... please stick around ... as there is much I look forward to sharing with you all.

Life here in the city is better than good. I see my best friends nearly daily. My son walks to his grandparents house every morning for a brownie and a glass of milk (a traditional Renshaw breakfast). My Mom and I hang out our windows to chat with one another. And I have developed a regular thrift store schedule (oh the bargains!). Life is good.

I hope you all are well. I should have internet in a week or so :)

Much Love,

Jodi & Family


Tim & Sarah said...

OH my, my first thought is ewwwww, but then I think back to when I was a kid, and how fun it was to imagine and play, play without limits! What a great video! I loved it!

Perla said...

i do not use this word frequently, but all i can say about that video is that is was absolutely DELIGHTFUL. I sound like my mom saying that, but it just fit so perfectly. I loved the acting out of Nemo and I loved that you are just so happy and relaxed to let him have such a fantastic play time. Life sounds really blessed and wonderful for you right now! Hurray! That makes me happy!!!

Missy said...

hi jodi! i was beginning to get worried....glad to see a new post. really, i know you've been busy! can't wait to see pictures of your new home.

i used to love to play in the mud. i was such a tomboy growing up. i had two older brothers, so i either played what they did or play alone.


CelticMommy said...

This post and the pics and super cute video are just wonderful. We too are mud and sand and dirt people! I can't wait to see how the new house is coming along.

Also, like you don't have enough to do... I tagged you on my blog for a Meme of fives... hope you can partake. If not, I totally understand!

Have a great weekend! Hettie

Sam said...

"Mud, Mud, I love Mud. I'm absolutely, positively wild about mud. I can't go around it, I've got to go through it. Wonderful, fabulous super duper mud."
That was a smidge of a great song by Rick Cherette. You should check it out.

varenia said...

what great mud!