Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wonderful News!

I received some of the greatest news of my life this week ... my Cousin is currently in Khazachstan and has finally been united (through adoption) with her first child ... an 8-month old baby girl. We are all so ELATED for her and her husband ... and for their baby girl ... who is sure to have a most wonderful life with her amazing parents.

I believe that once you have adopted a child of your own, after undertaking the immense task of bringing that child to your family, you have a unique joy in watching other families come together in the same way. I love every baby that joins our extended family ... I just have a very unique understanding of all that this family has gone through to bring their baby home ... and I screamed in total elation when I saw that they were finally all together. I remember well those feelings I experienced upon meeting and then finally bringing my son home. To see the joy and the relief in my cousin's face - (in the above photo) - just sends shivers down my spine.

Please join me in sending every blessing to this new and wonderful family. (I would share their names with you - but they wish their identities to remain private).

As for us ... Slowly, but surely, life is beginning to come together for our family. Finally, my husband will be able to move in to our new home with us - this coming Monday (which is still much too far away for my taste). He has been holding down the old homestead as we ready it for sale. And it won't be much longer before we get the internet hooked up. Apparently - though we are now in the city - we had more internet options out in the boonies than we do in our new home. Our new house sits too far from the road (something we love - but the phone company doesn't). Hopefully soon I will be able to a better blog host than I have been this past month.

Thank you all for visiting ... and I wish you every happiness this weekend :)




Missy said...

how wonderful! what a beautiful baby girl. oh, i just smile and think how amazing it is when you hold your child the first time. it's such a precious time.

congrats to your cousin and her new family member.


Paula said...

What a beautiful family you have! Congratulations to all of you for the new little ray of sunshine in your lives!

This Mama said...

awesome, so awesome....tthat is all I can think of to say. Many many blessings on your cousin and her little one :)

Kristina said...

that is wonderful news!

Cngrats to your family!

I read a few psots back so to conserve on time...

BRAVO on the whole hospital trip!!!You go momma bear!

tracey@paperdollsforboys said...

What a joyful post.
Thank you.