Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Imitating Snow.

One recent night, Halis and I were treated to some time alone. We chose to use that time to "play" with one another ... something I always beg for ... time alone to create, laugh, and share with one another ... like children do. So, I grabbed paper, scissors, and my favorite snowflake making book: Grandma's Magic Scissors. We sat at the kitchen table ... chatting and laughing ... creating snowflake after snowflake ... totally enjoying ourselves and eachother. These are my favorite times together ... when we play.

We did our best to imitate the beauty of natural snowflakes. Okay - not really. Well, maybe some of mine could pass for authentic, naturally made snowflake designs. But Halis - well, he made the frog snowflake shown above (if that were a real snowflake, I could freeze it and sell it on Ebay for thousands).

We even got so good at cutting Grandma's Magic designs that we ventured into cutting some of our own designs ... freehand...

Halis made this tree snowflake without a pattern. It is a favorite around here.

So - moral of this post: get out the scissors and papers, grab a loved one, and start cutting. Laughter, inspiration, awe, and loving compliments will follow. Good times on the cheap. And fabulously rewarding. Play is good.

Enjoy your day.


Photography by Tracie said...

Amazing flakes!

Missy said...

how fun :) your snowflakes are beautiful!

Paula said...

Sounds like so much fun! I totally agree with you and love best of all the times that my husband and I play together as well. Your snowflakes are incredible. My favorite has got to be Halis' frogs. Too cute!

Artful Spirit said...

So cool that Halis likes to do stuff like this. If I asked Jeff to cut a snow flake he'd look at me like I was crazy! He's more of an sports, board game, cards, movie type guy. Not much in to the creative arts. You lucky girl:)

You guys both made some great flakes! They look pretty decorating the house!