Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Etsy Love ... My Holiday Purchases Thus Far ...

Wanna save your economy? Wanna be more eco-friendly? Wanna help your neighbor stay home and raise her child? Wanna keep jobs in America (or Canada for my Canadian friends)? Want to give gifts that will be appreciated for longer than a week? Well ... I have got the answer for you! ETSY. period.

And here is some of what I have bought so far from some wonderful Etsy sellers. All these are gifts that I am giving over the upcoming holidays (so if you see something you love - you may just be getting it!).

1. Universal Bliss Soap by SacredSuds
2. Twilight Owl Pendant by Analiese
3. Custom Vintage Wallets by SewSewSuckUrToe
4. Fang the Pocket Ghost by SleepyKing
5. Octopal by Benandi
6. Signature Dish Tweet by TheBrickKiln
7. Mouse Starter Kit by AnitaBelcast
8. Skull I Spy Bag by BabyLoveBlankies
9. Set of 4 Dishtowels by VintageLucy

I highly recommend every one of these Etsy sellers.

And of course, you can always drop by my shop for some goodies too ;)

As I continue to shop Etsy, I will continue to share the goodies I find. I hope you will too.




kim @ mommyknows said...

What a great post! Do you mind if I copy you?

I hope I am the one getting the vintage wool wallet! ;P

Tara Rison said...

Thanks for posting your purchases. I love finding new shops!