Sunday, November 22, 2009

Designing Fabrics With Spoonflower.

Prior to my recent adventure in photography studio proprietorship, I took some time to make some of my own fabric designs with the help of Spoonflower. It was a bit addictive ... and I chewed many fingernails while waiting for my fabric package to arrive.

It finally arrived this week, and I couldn't be happier!

Truth be told, the actual fabrics came out better than I expected. I simply bought a fat eighth of each --- to check for design flaws, coloring, etc. --- and I loved them all.

The above fabric is titled "The Stache is Back". I didn't know I was going to fall victim to this new mustache craze ... but I fell for it ... and am so in love with my retro ladies wearing staches! I have already used this fabric to sew up some make-up bags (which will appear on Etsy soon).

And here is my "Make Love, Not Evil" design. I have also already cut into this one for some sweet little projects ... and I am in love with it. I am a Vader lover ... so this fabric is just totally cool in my opinion (though Isaac hates it).

Then, there is this super cool "Vespa Love" fabric ... which has already sold on Spoonflower! In fact, I should mention that you can purchase any of my designs right here on my Spoonflower profile page. I receive $1.10 for every yard sold (thank you!).

And lastly, the above fabric, titled "Snowbirds in Love" is my absolute favorite. It was designed using one of my photographs as a backdrop for the birds. I so love it --- which is why I have yet to cut into it --- I just keep staring at it.

So - have you tried Spoonflower yet? It is SO much fun! Not only can you create your own fabrics, but you can also shop for some amazing, one-of-a-kind designs created by other artists. Check it out.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be showing you some of the goodies I made with the above fabrics. I tend to hang in the studio whenever possible --- but am trying to find time to craft (and share) for the holidays.

Chat with you soon!



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Perla said...

ooo i love the fabrics!!! i am afraid to even click on the spoonflower link because i'm afraid i will be there for ages. fantastic!