Thursday, November 5, 2009

Promoting Maine.

A representative of the Maine Office of Tourism recently wrote me --- asking if they could obtain rights to use one of my photos (shown below). I agreed to allow them, signed a small contract, and am now looking forward to seeing how they make use of it.

It is not the first time that I have given some rights to others to use my work ... but this one feels a bit more exciting than the rest (calendars, news articles, etc) because my pic may be used to promote the state I love so very much. AND because the pic is of my husband and son (though faces are not seen) enjoying a sled ride down one of our fave local hills.

So - here is hoping that the photo will be put to fun use ... and that I will one day catch sight of it somewhere unexpected :)



Rosa said...

That is exciting beyond words. And this picture totally captures Maine's motto, "the way life should be."


kim @ mommyknows said...

Very exciting! I can see why they'd want it. It's a great photo. I love it when winter is promoted. Too many people hibernate.

deniselb said...

My husband & I got engaged in Maine! It's a beatiful state. Good luck with your new photography studio.