Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Blind Side.

Every time I watch the following trailers, I cry. Truly. Ask my husband. And I haven't even seen the movie yet ...

I cry because:

* I am an adoptive mother who is fiercely protective of my son. I relate to Leigh Anne Tuohy in this way ... for sure :)

* I think of every child who is sleeping in an orphanage tonight --- waiting for parents. I cry because I have seen these children with my own eyes --- and have witnessed their pain.

* I remember all the wonderful people who I KNOW make a difference in the lives of young men just like Michael Oher. Particularly Father Michael ... who I am honored to call a friend (you can see his work here as well as in the link above).

* I know what it is to change the life of a person --- through love, guidance and education. I have seen lives changed when a young person finds someone who believes in them --- and will fight for them. I had the pleasure of meeting a young boy in Haiti who had lived as a slave in a wealthy Haitian home for many years. He was rescued by a French woman and brought to St. Joseph's Home for Boys in Port-au-Prince. I watched as his rescuer visited him there at Christmas - over a year after she had brought him to the home. It was an amazing reunion to witness. The woman was overjoyed at how well the then 8-year-old boy was doing now that he had love, guidance and an education. It was amazing.

* I cry because it is THAT EASY to change lives ... with Love. Love. Love. And I am eternally grateful for women like Leigh Anne Tuohy ... who show the rest of the world what love can do.

* And perhaps what brings me to tears most is Sandra Bullocks response to the woman who says "I think what you are doing is so great. You are changing that boy's life." And Sandra's heartfelt response just sends me to tears ... "No, he's changing mine." I can't tell you how many times people tell Halis and I what a wonderful thing we did to take Isaac in. First of all --- our love for Isaac is REAL, not charity. And he does more for us than we could ever do for him. Seeing Isaac as anything other than TRUE family is an insult.

I had no idea who Michael Oher was until I researched him AFTER watching these trailers. I am no football fan. So, I shed tears over this story thinking that it was a work of fiction. To know that it is REAL just makes me even more emotional about it. And to see just how real it is, check out this featurette:

Now --- if you have seen this movie --- please tell me what you think of it. And if you haven't seen it --- maybe you should! I know I will be at the theatre this weekend. With Kleenex!


P.S. You can also read the book before or after seeing the movie. I know I will.


Dr. Russ said...

You will love the movie--definitely worth seeing. Being an orphan myself, sometimes it hit a little too close to home but definitely a feel good movie (and bring along a box of tissues).

kim @ said...

I haven't seen it yet either, but I am going for sure.

I can't stand the thought of parentless children. I had my own non-profit for several years and we fed 400+ orphans in Ukraine. It was a blessing for sure.

I had to give it up when I became ill. I hope some day I can do more.

MK xo

PS. I am giving away $750 today on my blog. You can win $250 and $500 for charity. I know you'll love the charity part.

Shona Cole said...

wow, I hadn't heard of that movie! thanks for the recommendation, it does look excellent.

thanks for visiting my blog during the dec 2 giveaway, and for your kind words :)


Tara Rison said...

Oh, I have been dying to see this. The trailer makes me teary-eyed. However, the clip you have here made me cry. Man, I wish we lived near each other, so that we could go together. I will be thinking of you as I watch it.