Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Studio - so far.

There was a time, seemingly long ago, when I posted to this blog daily. Since deciding to open my own photography studio --- well --- not so much. And I miss it. Heck, I miss alot of things now that my life has taken this new direction --- but it is all good. Truly.

Last night we celebrated the holidays with a Holiday Open House & Craft Fair at Studio 36. It was simply wonderful! We had 9 vendors selling and trading their wares --- many, many lovely friends and family members dropped by to purchase goodies, eat cookies and share conversation --- new friendships were formed --- and the children enjoyed one another almost as much as the endless bowls of cookies. It was a great night. (Thank you to all who came!).

It was such a fun night that I had no time to photograph it. I am bummed about that. But you will just have to trust me --- it was a really great time.

I do however, have some pics to share of Halis and Isaac modeling for me at the studio so that I could play with my new lighting equipment:

Believe me, I see the "issues" with some of the above pics ... and am still working on mastering my new lighting equipment. And thanks to my men ... I will always have willing models to help me get it right.

Next week, several of my young friends are coming together at the studio to organize some gifts for our local Ronald McDonald House and our Maine Veterans Home. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures :)

Have a great weekend! And thanks for reading.



Perla said...

this is all so exciting! i wish i was around and could have come to the open house! love you!

Jodi Renshaw said...

Thank you Perla! Love you so very much too :)

mommyknows said...

Sounds like a wonderful time :)

I'd love to have my own studio ... kind of!