Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Online Benefit Auction for Haiti: Item #1.

These pillows are absolutely gorgeous in person. They are made from the artwork of local photographers ... quilted and sewn by local volunteers ... and sold in area stores to benefit "at-risk" youth in Southern Maine. The woman in charge of this program gave me some pillows to sell for the benefit of Haiti. She is a generous soul to be sure.

This pillow is 14" square, has a bottom zipper for taking pillow form out, is sewn with high quality materials, and is washable.

The picture featured on this pillow is of a tree in winter ... full of birds. So lovely.

So - start the bidding!

Please leave a comment (on the blog - not facebook please) with your bid and your contact info. Please note that shipping will cost an additional $5. Bidding will be closed at midnight (ET) on Thurs, Feb 11th. All proceeds will benefit Haitian Roots.com.

Thank you!


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