Monday, June 14, 2010

Fundraising Opportunity: Good for Us ... Good For YOU!

See the check above? Sure, it's only for $6.50. But guess how I earned it? By taking 3 online surveys. Seriously. While sitting on my couch. Watching tv. In less than 40 minutes. And the check was sent to me in less a week after I requested it. I have already earned much more ... but I wanted Opinion Outpost to send me a check as soon as possible, so that I could show all of you that this is for real.

Want in? Well, guess what? First, it is so easy to get started. Secondly, if you use the link below in order to get started, we get $2.00 toward our trip after you finish your first paid survey. See that?! We both win!

So, please click below to get started ... and once you do ... you too can invite friends and earn $2.00 for every friend who joins ... not to mention the money you earn by sharing your opinions.

Please let us know here in the comment section when you join and finish your first survey. That way we can be sure to track whether their "Refer a Friend" program is working. Also, please share your experience with the site. We'd love to hear that you too are earning some extra cash for your families as well.


P.S. Thank you Cousin Nicole ... for referring us to this awesome program!


Jill Elizabeth said...

I signed up for Opinion Outpost.

Jodi Renshaw said...

Thanks for joining, Jill. I hope you makes lots of fast cash :)