Thursday, September 23, 2010

Etsy Shop Difficulties.

I am sorry to report that somehow my Etsy shop has been deleted. I am terribly frustrated by this, as are several of my customers. I have contacted Etsy and am currrently working with them to get my shop back online. Meanwhile, for those of you who have contacted me regarding your orders and/or your attempts to order ... I will send out open orders asap ... and if anyone needs a journal, you can still purchase from me directly by e-mailing me at

Sorry for the trouble. All will be well soon.


1 comment:

Disney-girl said...

Oh great! Do you make Peter Pan autograph books? I remember seeing one in your shop, but maybe you took it down? I hope you can make more Peter Pan books, cause I might go to Disneyland in January and I'd really like to get one! Pleeease? :)