Monday, February 7, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean - AGAIN!

Hooray! This summer we will be able to see Captain Jack Sparrow again on the big screen. I know I can't wait ... (though I must admit that I will miss Will Turner) ... check it out ...

So, now I am swooning over my upcoming date with Sparrow (May 20th) ... and my enthusiasm for the film has inspired some crafty goodness ...

Pirates of the Caribbean Fabric Banners ...

... for parties, bedroom decor, the office, etc.

Want one? I can custom make one or more for you. They are about 4 feet long ... well sewn ... washable ... and so much fun. Just $15 each plus shipping. Or come by The Studio (170 Park Street in Bangor, ME) to pick one up!

Want a different theme? I can do that too :)


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