Tuesday, February 22, 2011

That Mysterious Ticking Noise --- comes to Bangor!

I LOVE this video! So much so ... that I have been wanting my own set of Harry Potter puppets ever since I saw this ... about 3 years ago. And finally, I have found a lovely young lady who makes them ... AND is willing to sell them in my shop!

Here are some examples of her work ... and of the goodies that will be making their way to the shop ... via Owl Post ... asap ...

Please drop in sometime to see them for yourself! AT ONLY $25 each ... they are a wonderful, handmade in the USA product that is also quite economical & totally ENTERTAINING! Heck - you can even make your own videos with these guys :)

Check out more videos from the Harry Potter Puppet Pals here on YouTube. Perhaps there is a future for you in creating similar videos???

See you soon,


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