Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Life Will Never Be the Same Again ...

... it will be way "awesome-er"! ... now that a certain pirate friend of mine has introduced me to some of the best music I have ever heard.

Have you ever heard a song and fallen madly in love with it instantly? I did. And here it is:

NOW - I have been told that I have come to this music very late (it is so 2006) - but better late then never. And now that I have been introduced to this band ... my ears, my hips and my feet are begging for more.

Thank God for YouTube ... as I was able to search for the rest of their music and found instant faves right away. Here is Isaac's fave:

And the thing is ... I have yet to click on a song from this band that doesn't have me moving ... or a video that doesn't have me riveted.

I am blown away. Where have I been for the past 5 years? Oh wait - I have been a Mommy of a pre-schooler all that time - and have been chained to kids' music and videos. But the chains have been lifted! And Isaac and I could party hard to this music all day long. Sure, we LOVE our Dave Matthews, Michael Franti and Wyclef Jean ... but Gogol Bordello? We are in heaven. So, thank you my pirate friend. You have made our world so much more enjoyable.

Perhaps now one of my blog readers has been enlightened as well ;)

You're Welcome.

Love, Jodi & Isaac


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David said...

There is a really great documentary about Gogol Bordello on Netflix, if ya have it, it's worth checking out. I love them because they don't talk about being diverse, or preach they just are. So many cultures meeting up in one band. If you haven't heard her, check out MIA, different then Gogol but they both are geniuses at integrating all kindsa world music.