Thursday, March 2, 2017

None of My Business, but ... well, Feminism ...

Recently, I was sitting in a hotel lobby ... falling in and out of sleep while trying to maintain an upright position on one of their couches. I was waiting for Halis and Isaac to finish up some meetings in a Northeast Shoe Conference thingy they were attending.

(Check out how handsome my boy looked for these meetings ... )

Sitting across from me was a small group of people conducting an interview. Two men were interviewing a woman about a position within their shoe company. It seemed to be a marketing position, but I can't be sure. I really wasn't trying to eavesdrop. In fact, I was mostly reading the subtitles of the latest Spicer press conference ... and shaking my head in bewilderment of how we got here as a country. However, I picked up on a few key pieces of the interview conversation. And then I stuck my nose in it. Because, well ... feminism. 

(I purposely kept the compositions dark so that these people's identities were kept private).

As I was inadvertently listening to the interview ... I heard one of the men ask the woman about her husband's job ... his salary ... and then about her kids. His tactic in doing so was that he said their company was very family-orientated and that they were all basically "one big family". (cough ... gag). When asked about her husband, she simply replied that they were "a dual income family" and then she looked right over at me. And we locked eyes. I will never know what she was thinking in that moment but I took it as an invitation to write her an encouraging note.

I believe it went something like this ...
"Dear Lovely Lady,
A man would never be asked about his wife's job, her salary, or about his children in a job interview. You know this. Fight the patriarchy! I heard what they offered you. It is not enough. You are worth more. Stay strong and keep up the good fight.
~ Jodi"

I passed it to her as she left the interview. I hope she understands the spirit with which it was given.

Maybe it was watching Spicer spew his alternative facts ... maybe it was the way she locked eyes with me as though she were looking for back up ... or maybe I am just so sick and tired of the double standards ... but minding my own business was not an option. I don't think it ever has been. And most certainly not in this political and cultural climate.

So, rock on "Lovely Lady" ... whoever you are ... and may you get whatever job you wish for in this world.


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