Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Many Faces of Sweet Presley.

My niece. She kills me. Not only is she one of the most adorable people on this earth ... but she has a wonderful sense of self that some might call "attitude". I LOVE attitude. She's as sweet as can be ... but she knows what she wants. And she is not going to do anything that she doesn't want to do. I respect and encourage that in kiddos (unless of course it puts them in danger, I think you know what I mean).

She also makes THE BEST faces. And she doesn't even try. They are just her natural looks. And they slay me to no end.

When I ask her to take a photo ... this is usually what I get ...

 And if I wait patiently enough ... I might end up with something like this ...

Good Lord, I love her. And her parents.

That face. Those cheeks. Those eyes. That hair. She makes my heart sing ... even if she is not all that interested in me :)


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