Thursday, March 1, 2007

First Thrifting Post.

Well, today was supposed to be "Clean-my-house-Thursday" ... but instead, because of my anxious mood and my need to escape the house, today became "Thrifty Thursday" (which sounds so much better anyway). My procrastination in figuring out whether I would spend the day cleaning or thrift store shopping really cut into my shopping time ... so I was only able to shop 2 different Goodwill stores.

Furthermore, my anxious mood (brooding over a particular personal situation that needs resolving) really threw me off my normally therapeutic and gainful thrifting experience. So, today was not as bountiful as usual. BUT, I did get some amazing vintage kids books. And I just LOVE vintage kids books! I have built up quite the collection now but just can't seem to get enough.

Here are some of today's goodies - not all - but some:

This one, "The Cat and the Devil", is particularly interesting. I had no idea that James Joyce wrote a children's book. Apparently it is quite rare. I spotted one on Ebay with an asking price of $100 and can't seem to find it anywhere else. I am not sure whether I am going to sell it or not. It is a fun story ... with the devil speaking French that is translated into English in footnotes.

I also found a beautifully illustrated version of the "Goblin Market". I may list this on Etsy for some Waldorfers. It is lovely.

And this one, "The Creepy Castle", is a keeper. It is simply darling! No words ... the simple but gorgeous illustrations, along with "interactive" flip-the-page action sequences make for a sweet, imaginative story. I just love it!

So, that was a sampling of my humble thrifting for today. Tomorrow we are likely to be snowed-in so it looks like it will become "Clean-my-House-Friday", though I am sure that I rather it were something else entirely.... like, "Win-the-Lottery-Friday" or "Fly-to-Paris-Friday" or "Receive-Day-Long-Back-Massage-From-Husband-Friday" ... or maybe even "Hire-A-Maid-Friday".

Enjoy your day.



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Sue said...

Hi Jodi, Thanks for coming by my blog and introducing yourself :-) I have come by your blog previously.. Maybe from HA?

I also wonder if I may have read your profile and got inspired by it???, because it is VERY similar. I *thought* I came up with my profile on my own... but yours may have stuck in the back of my mind ?!?

Your son is truly adorable!

Thanks for your kind words and compassion. Feel free to e-mail me at anytime you would like to chat. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend,