Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dear Babysitter,

When you can't find Isaac, be sure to check under the porch. He often thinks he is a dog. Please don't tell him otherwise.

Thank you,

Isaac's Mommy


Paula said...

oh, that's funny and very, very cute. I remember playing under the porch when I was just a squirt. There's fun stuff under there, Mom!

Hey, you won my little baby guessing drawing. Email me your address and I will get a little package off to you.

Wende said...

Oh my... what a great series of photos. Isaac is just so cute and I'm loving the dog. :D

Looks like you had a lovely summer. :D

Simply Amethyst said...

Wonderful pictures! Isaac is adorable!
Such an understanding mommy...:)

Kristina said...

That is too funny!!
He's loseing his little boy look isn't he?
Handsome boy!