Friday, September 21, 2007

This Handmade Christmas - I Hope!

I have vowed that every Christmas present that I bestow onto a loved one this year will be handmade by me. So, I have ALOT of work to do!
I have begun by making Isaac a new quilt ( I think a yearly Christmas quilt will become a tradition). It is finished except for the handstitched binding. And here it is:

He is SO into elephants, that I thought a safari quilt would totally delight him. And so far, as he has caught glimpses of it (even though I have tried to sew in secret) he has gotten quite excited about the elephants. So, hooray for Mommy. I think this will be a hit on Christmas morning.

Also, I have begun a couple of "stuffie" projects as well:

I am going to put together a basket of stuffed puppies in a basket, thus the first puppy on the left. And I am also hoping to finish a line of safari stuffies to go with Isaac's quilt. (Any patterns or ideas out there? The giraffe was all I could find so far).

So, that is what I've got for Isaac so far. I am also working on making a "Memory Game" out of fabric squares. It, of course, it has a safari/jungle theme as well :) I have made these before with much success:

The above game was made last year for my neice. They are lots of fun to make - and pretty easy to make without a pattern, but if anyone would like some advice on making their own, just ask.

Well, I'll keep in touch regarding my progress on the gift making front. I have also decided that if I cannot keep my vow, I will resort to purchasing second-hand items instead (Viva La Goodwill!).




Sarah said...

You are so talented! I like giving homemade gifts too. I just started quilting and am making one for my brother for christmas and am making crocheted dishclothes for all the girls, hopefully with a homemade purses too.

Paula said...

I actually accomplishe that same goal last year, and have started on this years gifts. He's going to love that quilt. It's adorable! I'm going to be making stuffies for all the little people in my family this year, too.

I finally finished and am sending out your box tomorrow.