Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Hero ... Mister Rogers.

I found this "old" Mister Rogers book for $1.99 at a local Goodwill store, and let me say that if I could afford to, I would buy a copy for every parent in the world. It is that amazing. It is titled, "Mister Rogers Talks With Parents", and that is the beauty of this book ... it is a conversation between parents ... not some kind of didactic "how-to" book.

Just the first chapter alone brought tears to my eyes when he made immediate reference to the fact that not all parents are biological ones, and that many Mommies and Daddies come to parenting through other wonderful means as well. Amen & Thank you!

I have been spending alot of time going through this book ... reading over many parts to fully digest them ... skipping some and then going backward to others, etc. And I am thinking that I will write several future posts regarding some of the wisdom contained within this book. I surely couldn't summarize it all in one post :)

For now, I encourage you all to purchase a copy of this book. And to watch the following youtube videos regarding this most amazing man. I honestly feel that he was a prophet for our times. He not only has done some amazing things for children, but his encouraging words and his pure love have healed many an adult heart as well.

Mr. Rogers Receives the Lifetime Achievement Award (MUST SEE!)

Mr. Rogers Speaks to the US Senate

Rare Mr. Rogers Interview

Mr. Rogers Says Goodbye

Thank you Mr. Rogers. You have changed my life and my parenting. Namaste.

~ Jodi


The Fry Family said...

Hi Jodi,
I don't remember how I found your blog, but I enjoy checking in every now and then. I'm a mom to three Haitian angels (referral April 2005 and still waiting for a homecoming). I am also a book publicist and I worked with an author who was a friend of Mister Rogers. With Joann Rogers' permission, she wrote a beautiful book based on letters and phone messages he sent to her over the last nine years of his life. It is "The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers" by Amy Hollingsworth. I have a promo copy I can send if you are interested. My email is tallfrys@yahoo.com

Lara said...

Thanks for sharing your Mister Rogers thoughts Jodi...he is certainly a special man, a real gift to the world!