Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Encouraging Missy.

My best friend in life, Melissa, is an amazing artist. She has been beading since she was a young girl. She grew up on " Indian Island" which is a Penobscot Indian Reservation in Maine. It was there that she was taught various native arts throughout her childhood. She does amazing work and really enjoys it.

She made this absolutely gorgeous necklace for my most recent birthday. Pictures do nothing to show its beauty. I know nothing about beadwork, but this necklace has 3 layers of intricate and interweaving beading. I am wild for it! And I have even worn it with a grey hanes t-shirt :) What the heck.

Anyway, I have been encouraging Missy to sell her work on Etsy for over a year now. And she has yet to do it. She told me quite a while ago that she doesn't like to sell her work, because she feels the pressure to mass-produce it which then takes the fun out of it. I believe that she can still enjoy making select pieces - at her leisure - and post them to Etsy as she feels compelled to. And I KNOW that folks would buy her work!

So, here is where YOU, as my blog reader, come in :) Take a good look at the above necklace, admire its beauty, and leave a comment of encouragement to Melissa (Missy) to share her talents with the world!

Thank you so much.


Paula said...

It's absolutely gorgeous! I'm with you, Jodi. On etsy I think that Missy can just make the pieces that she wants to make in her own time frame to list. I think they will sell.

Missy said...

it is beautiful! doing something you love and sharing it with others is a gift. best wishes!


Anonymous said...

i agree, its a beautiful necklace. the work is very nice. and i love the color to-
i've never been to the Etsy site- i'll have look. maybe it will distract me from ebay for awhile LOL. gail