Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Night is Family Game Night ...

... and not because a tv commercial told us so :) Friday night is game night because that is when Meaghan comes "home". And Meaghan loves games. She recognizes that a good game brings us all together in laughter and playful competition. Games help her to feel better connected to us ... and I think that must be true of anyone who plays games with their loved ones.

So, because I have shared some of our favorite movies and books this week, I thought I might also share some of our favorite family games. It is the holiday season after all ... and perhaps you might find some gift-giving ideas from such a list. (If you click on their titles, you can see their descriptions & reviews.)

Here they are:

Apples to Apples ~ apparently this is the most popular game in America now, but we've been playing it for quite some time. And it can get downright hilarious! Best to play with kids of reading age who also have some knowledge of popular culture. There is also a junior edition available that can be fun, but no where near as fun as the party version. Click link to see a video about the game.

Cranium Cadoo ~ what other game has you playing with clay, acting out secret words, making pictionary style drawings, etc...etc... This game has it all. Though adults will certainly have an edge ( I win almost every game) ... it is so much fun to play, that it isn't really about winning, but about enjoying each other during the playing.

Loot ~ Our family may not be into violence, but we have a weakness for pirates. I offer no defense for this. It just "is". And this pirate game is our absolute favorite card game. We take over one another's merchant ships with wild gluttonous abandon. I am told that the maker of this game, Gamewright, consistently wins "Toy of the Year" awards for their card games. We certainly plan to buy more to add to our game collection.

Clue Jr. ~ Just like the classic game Clue, minus the murder :) Instead, you are trying to find out who took the missing piece of cake. Yum. Find those crumbs, and you'll know who did it. Now you just have to figure out which room they ate it in, what time they did so, and with what kind of beverage! Fun for adults too.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Card Game ~ This game was one of Meaghan's firsts ... and is really good for introducing card games to the younger crowd. I figure that Isaac (who is 4 months shy of 3 years old) will be ready for it soon.

The Enchanted Forest ~ This is probably my personal favorite. It is both a memory game and a strategy game. You need to memorize components of the game, watch your opponent closely, and strategize how to out-wit them. I love that it is a fairly multi-layered game. And it helps that it has a fairy tale theme ... giving it some added interest.

We keep some other games as well, but these have tended to be our favorites. So, again, please share some of your faves too ... I would love to add more to our collection!



Kait said...

About once a month, my older brother, his wife, my husband and I all gather at my parents house to have a "family fun night" with all of us. After we put the little ones to bed, we play Apples to Apples, Phase 10, or Balderdash. It's a great time for us grown ups to get together, giggle, and relax.

I'm all for family game nights! Just tonight one of my friends came over and we played Trivial Pursuit with my husband. Pretty lame Saturday night for two 21 year olds and a 25 year old, but it was great fun!!

Paula said...

We love to play games as well. I just bought "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader" and we can't wait to play it! Our all time favorite (after the kids got older) is Scattegories (not sure of the spelling on that). It's a real hoot!

Jodi Renshaw said...


I love that you young twenty-somethings can enjoy game night with one another. What fun!!! I totally plan to hold a community game night when I move into Bangor.


I have heard of this "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader" stuff ... let me know how it is. I might grab the game too :)