Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Articulation and the Art of the Well Written Blog Post.

I read this Shutter Sister blog post yesterday and was both highly impressed and mildly intimidated. Her writing flowed so eloquently. In very few words, she poetically and effectively articulated the delicate and complex world of a young boy --- fresh out of his toddler years --- but not quite pre-pubescent. At the same time she also richly expressed a common struggle to photographers --- how to photograph with patience and understanding of your subject. Her post not only conveyed so much in so few words, but the accompanying photo was pure magic.

I admit, I was envious. In fact, I took the day off of blogging (seriously). I felt so inarticulate, ineffective and lacking in my photography as well. It was a "woe's me" day. But then I realized ... the author (Kate) is such a gift. Her talent serves to inspire ... not to outshine. I am always growing and learning ... and talents like Kate keep me motivated to press on. Hooray!

So, I broke out the camera in Shutter Sister solidarity ... and did my best to take some shots that pleased me ... and that reminded me of the unique, beautiful and worthy contributions that we all make to our world. Then I wrote this simple (but hopefully effective) blog post.

Thanks Kate.

P.S. I will continue to post some of my recent photographic "contributions" to my Flickr account as I am able.


sweetsalty kate said...

Oh, my.. I'm absolutely speechless. That's so incredibly kind of you Jodi. You made my morning. :)

And if I could be creative like you (I love, love, love those bubble-fairy postcards!) I'd be a very happy mama.

mayaluna said...

This was a lovely and thoughtful post...I think we all have these moments of kicking ourselves and saying "I wish I could be like so and so..", especially in this virtual world where so much daily inspiration can sometimes overwhelm rather than enhance our lives. I love your response to your initial disheartening. As I said, a wonderful post. Thank you for your honesty.