Friday, September 12, 2008


Have you ever shared your life with a dog that you both loved and loathed at the same time? It can be a dilemma.

We love our Chase. We do. We keep reminding ourselves that we do. But every morning, we are faced with a new disaster that he has created in the house. Every day someones clothes are torn from his enthusiastic greetings. And not a day goes by without a dog fight that he has initiated (we have 3 other dogs). No one can visit the house without our having to lock him up in a kennel. And he is far too excitable to sleep in our bed.

But we love him. We really do. He is an exuberant spirit. He wants to please. He is so darn cuddly. And he and Isaac are the best of buds. So, what do you do? Well, we just keep trying to train him ... and keep telling ourselves that he really is a good boy after all. AND we are taking him to the vet this week to be "clipped" ... because a little less testosterone is always a good idea :)


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hsing3kinder said...

he looks like an adorable collie! I'm guessing he needs lots and lots of long walks.