Monday, September 29, 2008

Photography 101.

Despite the rain that Hurricane "Whats-His-Name" dumped all over New England, I was out in the woods this weekend --- tripod and D300 in hand --- trying my best to capture the true brilliance of fall foliage. Though this may come easily for some, I have filled my head with so much information on the "rules" of great photography that I sometimes feel overwhelmed. (I know, I have said this before :) I find myself clumsily trying to remember all that I have recently learned about apeture, shutter speed, white balance, ISO, lighting, exposure, etc. --- because it does not come naturally to me yet. But I need to remember that it will all come naturally with time, practice, education and patience. So, I continue to learn all I can ... and to try to enjoy the ride.

There is this great web blog I found that gives me daily tips on my photography: Digital Photography School. The author is brilliant --- really knows his stuff --- knows how to explain it for everybody --- makes it fun to learn and try out new techniques --- it feels like I have my own personal photography teacher. Great stuff.

Also, I can't say enough good about the Shutter Sisters blog. The inspiration to be found there is incredible. I have learned much just by seeing what others are doing.

There is also the Me Ra Koh Photography blog --- which offers a mix of inspiration and technique. The author hosts some great photo contests too ... with prizes. I love prizes.

In digital photography, the learning never ends ... and the technology is always changing. It has been my art form for years, but only recently have I begun to take it seriously. I truly love it (my sewing machine is now dusty with neglect). My best friend and I have decided that it is time we take this whole photography thing to the next level, so we are enrolling in UMaine's ART 182: Photography and Digital Imaging for Spring 2008. Very exciting!

Well, I hope you find some inspiration in the links listed above as well. And don't forget, there is always Flickr ... one could spend an entire day just browsing through that sea of photographic bliss. Have a great day.



Paula said...

Gorgeous photo of the leaves, Jodi!
Really exciting that you're going to take a class. I've wanted to do that for years, but always decide I don't have the time. Someday...

Artful Spirit said...

Hi Jodi! You sound just like me! I have read and read photography books and my brain is full! I am working towards the purchase of my camera and then will hopefully get to take some classes in the spring at a local photography school. I too have been practicing for a while (as you know from flickr!) Thanks for these links, being so new to blogging I am a bit lost in the vast sea of blogs out there!! Great capture of the leaves! Happy shooting:)