Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sorting Through The Past.

Since moving to our new place, I have slowly been going through all of our old photographs in an attempt to reduce the number of photo boxes that we have been storing for so many years. I mean, do we really need to keep every single photo that we took of Disneyworld in 1991? Only maybe 10 of those hundreds of photos actually hold any meaning for us ... the rest are endless photos of the rides and architecture because I was so fascinated by this "other world" when I was 18. At 35 ... well, I am no longer fascinated by those photos ... and I don't think my son will want to inherit them. So ... perhaps they will be turned into some crazy art work or something fun. Oh, but then there are photos like these ...

These are the keepers. These are the photos that bring you back to the time and space where they were taken. These are the ones that fill you with the emotions that you felt at that time. Upon seeing this photo, I remember that youthful *lust* I had for the boy that would become my husband. I remember how playful we were. How we were always touching ... how much time we spent talking about the day when we would get married ... about what our children would be like. Could this photo really have been taken nearly 20 years ago???

So, I will continue to paw through these old photos, and when I find the keepers ... I may just post them here. Perhaps you may wish to do the same.

Enjoy the day ...




Dr. Russ said...

I am so envious of people who have a past that is documented through photos.

I never took pictures. I never was in pictures. Why? I am really not sure.

I have lived an exciting life but have nothing to really document it. Keep those pictures. The ones that you don't want--make postcards out of them. If you are a stamper, find a mosaic stamp and stamp them with permanent black in and make a photo mosaic. Find out if other people in your family want them.

Oh, how happy it must be to have a history.

Best wishes--russ

Perla said...

those are priceless! i am so much more in love with my husband than i was 10 years ago, but how wonderful it would be to go back there every once in awhile--to that time where just hearing his car pull up in the driveway filled my stomach with butterflies!
and i appreciate russ's advice, too. good stuff