Friday, November 14, 2008

Some Bargains to Share.

Hi all. I just wanted to "pop in" to share some bargains with you that I recently found on I purchased them all myself, so can attest for their quality. If you are interested, better get 'em while you can, as quanities are limited:

The Night Before Christmas: Hardcover. $6.99. Absolutely gorgeous papercut artwork. And I personally love that the characters are all shown as silhouettes, so that my son can decide what color skin Santa has.

Pirate Pete: Hardcover. $5.99. Not your "average" pirate. This one is sweet ... yet still very "piratey". Perfect for younger kids. Would make a great gift. (Isaac is getting his copy for Christmas).

The Hero and the Crown: Paperback. $4.99. Robin McKinley has quite a following among both teens and adults. Her work is wonderfully crafted. Just read the reviews. This book would make a great gift for a reading teen... or an adult like me who can't get enough fantasy fiction.

An Ordinary Man: Hardcover. $6.99. This book is the autobiography of the incredible man who saved many lives during the Rwanda genocide by secretly opening his hotel up for refugees. The movie "Hotel Rwanda" is based on this book.

I hope you find my occassional bargain tips useful. You can find all these bargain books and more in my shop. I have just added a "bargains" section. You may want to occasionally check back there to see what other goodies I find.

Have a great weekend.


P.S. I am still working on my Digital Photography School Scavenger Hunt ... see HERE for my latest entries. Are any of you giving it a go?


Felicia said...

These look like wonderful finds! I would definitely be interested in a review! All of your Etsy items are adorable! If you would, use the "contact" button at the top of my page. I don't leave my email in comments because the "bots" can find it and then I'll have SPAM mail galore! LOL!

Perla said...

the hero and the crown! i read that in 8th grade and loved it sooo much! i may have to find that again!