Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finding a Pet for Isaac.

For a long while, Isaac has been asking for a pet fish. Halis and I have always thought this was a great idea. A fish is something that Isaac could easily take care of without much help from Mommy and Daddy ... and he would certainly learn lessons in responsibility, compassion, etc.

So yesterday, while Daddy was out for the night, Isaac and I visited a couple of local pet shops ... with the idea that we would be picking out a fish. But, when Mommy began roaming the shops, she began to imagine that maybe Isaac (and Mommy) would be happier with a pet of the more cuter and cuddlier variety (something Daddy was worried about).

We first looked at fish ...

Then we checked out this guy ...
... but past experience has taught me that these guys are way too stinky ... no matter how cute they may be. Then Isaac got a kick out of these guys ...

... but Mommy didn't. I did however totally dig this little guy ...

... but Isaac didn't. And I in retrospect, I am glad for that, as this Chinchilla was a complete wild man! Then, I asked to hold some Guinea pigs. I have always loved their personalities ... and have wanted one since childhood. And I think I could have easily convinced Isaac (and maybe will in the future :)

But then I totally ooohhed and aaahhed over this sweet little parakeet. I could just imagine him sitting on Isaac's shoulders ... nibbling on his ears ... singing to us as the dawn rises. But Isaac just wasn't feeling it. He told me I could get a bird for my own pet ... but that he wanted either a fish or a turtle (a new thought for him).

I checked out the turtles ... but saw many signs around their cages warning about salmonella poisoning. So they were definitely out. And thankfully Isaac understood the reasoning. So, we were then left right back where we started ... picking out a fish.

And here he is (drum roll please...):

His name is Shark. He is a Beta fish (the easiest to care for)... and as soon as we brought him home, Isaac asked if it was time to take him out of the water and cuddle him. Oh boy .... I had to give Isaac the talk about how fish need to stay in water ... that they are the type of pet that you look at ... not that you play with. He began to understand, but is now rethinking his choice. So, Mama may get her Guinea pig or parakeet after all! Meanwhile. it has been only one day, and poor Shark seems to already be forgotten. BUT at least now I have a new little buddy to photograph :)

Enjoy your day & your pets ...




Paper Lady Invites said...

Thanks for swapping your blog with me! Its such a cute blog. Also, you should check out my March Swap your Shop swap.

As for this blog post: If you do get another little friend for Isaac I would vote for a Rat. I know some people don't like Rats because they are rodents, but they are smart and are some of the best pets. I always had rats growing up, and I have so many great memories of them. You can also train them to do things, and you can "cuddle" them.


Anonymous said...

good choice on the beta fish! We started with one, and it worked out great - and then we decided to get a bigger tank, and we got two goldfish, and they are so stinkin' filthy!! We have to clean the tank more than once a week, and require more work than I imagined.

so, tell Isaac I love his new friend... and I love the name Shark. Our boys named the beta fish Flippy, and the goldfish were Pirate and Ship and then the third we got (after one passed) was named Polka Dots. Kids are great!

your friend,
Amanda Fogarty

Anonymous said...

I just realized, too, that the photo on the top of your page looks just like our two goldfish: Camden is gold, and Wyatt's is the multi-colored! Great photo...


Missy said...

so cute :)

Jodi Renshaw said...


I have heard so many wonderful things about pet rats. I may look into that. How do they smell (such a vile question, I know --- but worth asking)?

Also, I will check out your blog and your offer.


Jodi Renshaw said...


Thanks for commenting here. The lady at the store sort of warned me against goldfish ... so I guess we'll stick with the Beta. He is awfully cute. Lovin the names that your boys give their fish!


Jodi Renshaw said...

Thanks Missy :)