Monday, August 17, 2009

Swimming is Good. Always & Everywhere.

Isaac, Meaghan and I are so totally in love with the water. Halis says that we would all swim in a puddle if it seemed large enough. I know he is right. We stayed at the coast this weekend - Belfast to be exact. The three of us swam in the hotel pool for hours. Literally. Then, after the 11am checkout, we all headed to the working pier in downtown Belfast to find some shells before heading home. Although I have never seen anyone swim in that area ... and even though we were fully clothed ... the water proved too enticing ... and the three of us jumped in for a swim. Sure - we were stared at by several tourists (especially when Isaac decided to swim naked) - but we loved it. The thing is, I think I am part Mermaid ... and so does Isaac. And I simply can't say no to a good swim. Thank goodness we live in Maine - as there is so much water here :)

More Belfast photos to come.

And stay tuned for a shop giveaway this week!



Rosa said...

Looks like fun. I miss the coast of Maine. We used to travel to Bar Harbor, even on the off season so we could see the water and feel the wind. Enjoy!

Missy said...

fun! i though of you yesterday :) Oprah featured a story of a town in Maine that had only 50 residents. it was on an island. oh how i'd love to move there!!!!!!

how are you? looks like your enjoying the last days of summer.

Jodi Renshaw said...

Rosa --- Bar Harbor is wonderful....even in the off season. My husband and I got married there about 14 years ago.

Missy --- I bet that was about Mohegan Island. Does that ring a bell? I havent visited there yet but it is on my list. Thanks for thinking of me! You are always welcome to visit :)


Rosa said...

We talked about getting married there by the big Gazebo, if memory serves. But our families are in NYC, so we got married there.