Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This Morning.

I stepped outside at sunrise this morning --- for the first time in years (I am not a morning person) --- and here is the beauty I encountered:

One-Eyed Jack crowed to the morning sunshine.

I greeted my sweet goat "Me" --- and when I went to feed her --- I noticed ---

--- that the newest batch of chicks has taken up residence in the goat barn ---

and --- a mouse has taken up residence in the feed bin.

I took a little walk and enjoyed seeing the morning dew sprinkled along all the wildflowers.

And I spied a spider grabbing its first meal of the day.

As I ended my morning exploration of our small farm --- making my way to the front door --- this creature (my Mom's cat) came underfoot --- trying to get friendly with me. (Keep dreaming kitty.)

Aside from the unwanted kitty (though she did make for a great photo op) --- it was a pleasure to explore a simple morning on our simple farm.

I will try to do it again --- at least for the photo opportunites that such a venture provides.

Enjoy your day!



Tara Rison said...

Can I move in? Seriously, I dream of waking up to that!

Jodi Renshaw said...

Hi Tara. You are welcome to visit :)