Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dear Diary. Installment #3.

April 8, 1987
6:15 pm


My mom is packing, my father's working on odd jobs, and my brother's in love.

Today has not been a very good day.

Craig did not write me a note all day. (But if its one thing I've learned - its that you can never know when to expect a note from him).

Also, during gym (which I hate) someone asked me if I had a black eye, because I had huge bags under my eyes (since I was up till 11:00 last night).

Also, I've needed a pair of sneakers for a week (cause the dog ate mine) and know one will give me a ride to the store. That really bugs me, seeing I do a lot of work around the house.

Well, now for the best part of the day (I mean that sarcastically). When I came home, I got a letter from the mail, written by Kris W. Its very emotional. Reading it made me cry. And it made me think. I really need her! I love her D/N/Q.

I'll quote something she wrote me:
"Never in my life have I met a person who I would do anything for ... you are that person. You are a very special part of me and when you go, that special part of me will go, too. You are like a dream (come true), never going to stay 4-ever and I should have prepared myself for the time when this awesome dream would end."

That is just a small part of this rather long letter.

I don't know if I am really all she claims I am but I know that we have a special relationship. I have never had a friend that I've loved so much. Lord, she is the greatest, most miraculous thing (person) I've ever been blessed with. I have never had such an emotional problem in my life. I've never had to deal with such a thing.

My friends at Fairgrounds are so great. I've learned to see the good in every one. And to love the people for who they are.

Mindy, Kristin W., Crystal, Chris R., etc ... have been such great influences on me. I love them! Please Lord, you can't do this to me.

Well... I've enclosed the note Kris wrote me (and the one Craig wrote yesterday).

All I have to say is, the last day of school is going to be the worst day of my life (and I'm not just saying that! - it's worst then dieing!)


Wisdom from that entry: I survived leaving Fairgrounds, but returned after a year because my parents couldn't take my sadness for one more second. As I read this ... I am reminded of how WILD I still am about my friends and how deeply I appreciate them. So grateful to still be friends with most of the people mentioned in my diary :)

Also, I still hate gym & the dogs still eat my sneakers.

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