Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dear Diary: Installment #5.

April 10, 1987

"Diary -

Its before the dance - (around 4pm). I truly don't feel like going !! Craig wrote me a nice note but he still doesn't talk to me. You know that embarrassing question he was gonna ask me ... well he did. He asked me if I ever made out with a boy. I didn't tell him (yet).

Well, Tim is keeping a big secret from me. I'm real upset about that! See ... after the dance, everyone is going to Ho-Jo's (except me) and something "big" is gonna happen w/ Craig and no one will tell me!

Chris Riendeau was arguing with Tim 'cause he wanted Tim to tell me but he still didn't!

I'll have to write more after the dance.

Love ya,

Wisdom of this entry: Friends shouldn't keep secrets. Not about what is going down after a dance. That's just rude. And if you are reading this Craig (and I love that I know you are reading every entry) .... the answer is Yes. I made out with Patrick Deware in 7th grade. And I got in SO much trouble for it with Brother Phil. SO much detention. Honestly, I think Brother Phil was jealous. I'm pretty sure he wanted to make out with Patrick.

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