Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dear Diary. Installment #2:

April 4, 1987:

"Dear Diary,

Today, Craig wrote me a note (included in box). I was so excited. Hugging is the first step ... I guess!

Anyway, after loads of persuasion by Kristin Whitmore, I got up the guts to call him (my parents weren't home - they went to a funeral for Judy's Mom).

At first he sounded like he didn't care about me but I think as we talked we both realized we could "open" up to eachother. Of course, Jamie didn't help much (he kept screaming so I couldn't hear Craig). Somehow  ... we started talking about ourselves, telling eachother who we think we are and describing ourselves. Well - he told me (seriously) that he is real perverted. I guess I believe him ... He was being serious too! Well then he asked me who I am (actually in a round about way). So - after much thought I confessed that I am a dreamer. He didn't know exactly what I meant, but it felt good to tell it. I shouldn't tell him too much but sometimes it feels good to say certain things. (He also told me he has big feet - whether he was being sarcastic or not, I don't know). I've also learned that it is hard to tell if he's just trying to be funny of if he's serious. Maybe it'll take time to figure that out. Hopefully, if he's not too perverted, I'll have all the time in the world with him to figure out if he's serious or not!


Wisdom from the entry: Being less perverted may get you to first base.

Grammer comments: I still forget that eachother is two separate words. I apparently used "air quotes" twenty something years ago too. And I love these little dots ... and these little dashes -. Still.

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